Phase One Re-Open Plans

Summit Heights Fellowship

It has been a long season navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are grateful that the Summit Heights Family has not been severely impacted by this horrible virus. We must all continue to pray for the safety and healing of all who’s lives and families who have been touched by the virus!

In accordance with the leading of our governor, it is finally time to begin moving toward community again. As instructed by Hebrews 10:24 and 25, we all have been anxiously awaiting the time to be together again! In the spirit of loving our people, the Elders have developed this plan to begin the process of navigating the many decisions that impact all of us differently. We all desire to get back together; as well as work hard to keep everyone safe in this transition period. It will take the full cooperation of each of us, in the spirit of loving fellowship to make this happen!

June 7th, we reopened with Family Worship, with two service times. We are offering a 9:00AM service for the 65 and older and “at-risk” crowd (auto-immune issues, any lung complications, diabetes, etc.), and then at 11:00 AM we have a family service for all others.

Details of Re-Opening
-If you or anyone in your family has had a fever within the last 24 hours, is coughing or not feeling well in any way… please stay home and join us online.
-The state, county, and SHF recommend the “at-risk” population (65 years of age or older, auto-immune issues, any lung complications, etc.) stay home and continue watching online. Face masks are not required. We will have hand sanitizers at every door. Bring your own face mask if you have one.
-We ask everyone to stay in family groups and go directly into the auditorium after entering the building.
-Please do not congregate in the foyer to visit!
-There will be a team of greeters and ushers to help you quickly find a seat when you arrive. During phase one of our opening, we will NOT be opening our preschool or children’s areas.
-Each family is asked to sit together and leave two chairs empty between family groups. NO NURSERY OR CHILDCARE FOR ANY AGE WILL BE PROVIDED.
-Children MUST stay with their family group throughout the time you are in the building. No children running around please! Our Kid Venture staff will be providing Engagement boxes for children full of activities to help during the service. When the auditorium reaches safe capacity, we will overflow into the Generations where the service will be shown on the big screen.
-We will not pass offering baskets, so please use the giving boxes positioned at the back of the auditorium near each entrance/exit.
-At the end of our service, we will have an organized exit by rows beginning at the back to help facilitate good social distancing.
-There will be NO communion and NO response time/alter ministry at the end of the service. If you need prayer or need to talk to someone, please locate one of our pastors or elders and we are happy to serve you and pray for or over you.

The coffee/donut bar WILL NOT be open… so BYOC/D if needed.

If you do not feel safe coming to the church at this time, our services will continue to be live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

Thank you in advance for your full (and joyful!) cooperation in this season. We are all very excited to finally be together again and see how God continues to bring glory to himself as He works all things for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose!

For the latest information on our re-opening plans and to stay up to date on our service times, upcoming events, and any information regarding our students and children Text SHF to 855-968-3618

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