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Our Mission and Vision

To connect kids to God and others. We believe this starts with helping them to learn who God is, how He wants to know them, and lead them in their everyday life which all stars with Jesus

Generations Ministries!

The Generations Wing is open for ages birth through 5th Grade! This state of the art facility was built with the next generation in mind. There is nothing like this facility anywhere in East Texas. Your kids will be begging to come back each week as they experience the excitement and growth of growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Check it out this Sunday at 9:00AM or 11:00AM.

God MADE me.

God LOVES me.

Jesus WANTS to be my friend forever.

Your First Visit

From the moment you arrive their will be people to great you with smiling faces and show you the way!

Your first stop will be the first-time check in station next to the information desk in the foyer. We will take the time then to get to know you and your family. This is the time we will ask about allergies, any special instructions we need to take care of your child and collect contact information.

You will then receive a set of stickers with matching codes which allows us to keep your kids safe and no one but you can pick up your kid without this sticker. If for any reason during the service we need to reach you, we have your number on file and can send you a text or our preschool pastor will personally come notify you.

After you check in you will be guided to our preschool first impressions member to answer any additional questions you may have and show you to your classes and what else to do along the way.

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Newborn to Crawlers

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More information coming soon.

Typical Sunday for Nursery:

Drop off -> Free Play or Cuddle Time -> Worship Music -> Snacks -> Diaper Changes -> Pick Up

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1-2 Year Old - Walkers

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More information coming soon.

Typical Sunday for Toddlers:

Drop Off -> Free Time -> Coloring Page/Lesson -> Worship -> Snack -> Bathroom/Diaper Changes -> Pick Up

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3-5 Year Olds

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More information coming soon.

Typical Sunday for Preschool:

Drop Off -> Free Time -> Memory Verse -> Worship -> Lesson/Activity -> Craft -> Snack Time -> Pick Up

Every 5th Sunday of the month there will be a special activity or event during the normal service time. A 5th Sunday only happens 4 times a year, so they’re a pretty big deal that you don’t want to miss out on.

Creative Bible Learning

Creative Bible Learning

The Bible is the most amazing book ever written! We bring Bible stories to life through activities and conversations that keep children engaged. We want all children to love God’s Word and understand its value in their lives. Our curriculum is designed to give your children a first impression of their loving, Heavenly Father and is based on three principles we want our next generation to believe:

God MADE me.

God LOVES me.

Jesus WANTS to be my friend forever.



We want kids to know there are people at church who care about them. As families commit to attending the same service each week, children are placed in a small classroom of familiar faces where relationships can grow

Age – Appropriateness

Age Appropriateness

Age-appropriate classrooms are offered each week during services for infants and toddlers through children aged five but not yet in kindergarten.



We love children at Summit Heights Fellowship, and we work hard to create safe and enjoyable environments for children birth through elementary each week. We take lots of steps before kids arrive to keep them safe. Every toy and environment gets cleaned and sanitized. And, every volunteer is screened with an interview and federal background check. Our whole team — from staff members to small group leaders to safety personnel — are trained to keep your kids safe.



Kids love fun! We create fun ways for children to learn about Jesus, including games, activities, singing, and role playing activities. When children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back

A Few Things You'll Want to Know

Safety – We take the safety of your child very seriously! Every adult in our classrooms has been interviewed, carefully trained, and has a current background check on file. In addition, we have trained security officers and procedures at all times. Once on the other side of the glass doors, your kids safety is our type priority and you can rest well that they are in good hands. The claim check code you receive at check-in is unique to your family and provides extra security at pickup.

Visitors – we recognize from time to time that a parent will want to stay and see what a service is like for their children before leaving them for the first time and not only do we allow this, but we welcome it. We have visitor passes available at the check in station for parent’s that want to do this, and it is necessary to check in for the safety of others and so the students know who their teachers are as well as what procedures to follow.

Sick kids – when kids are sick and unable to attend class or just want to stay with you in service, we have Busy Boxes available for them and you to keep them preoccupied during service, so you can enjoy your time here! Check out our sick policy for more information (link)

Nursery Room – The nursery is a place for new moms/nursing moms can go during the service for privacy and comfort.

Special Needs Ministry – Summit Heights does not currently have an active special needs ministry but does have special needs buddies that can be paired with your child when you wish to attend church. This is currently offered on a case by case basis and we would want to have any all information we would need to properly attend to your child. Every child matters to us and deserves to learn about Jesus and their Heavenly Father on their level and we want you to know that you are welcome here and Jesus loves you!

Playground – we have a playground for our kids 3 years old to 5th grade. Weather permitting, we allow the teachers to take their kids to the playground at the end of their lessons if time allows and at their discretion. The playground is gated and only accessible through the generations wing.

Baby Dedication


More information here.

After Church

After church and during the week information for families, check it out!

Worship Music

Want to see what we are listening to at KidVenture Preschool? Check it out here!

Prayer Request

We would love to pray for you. Send us your prayer request so we can add you to our list.


At Summit Heights in the Generation Wing, we need volunteers to love on our babies and that have a heart for teaching our little ones about Jesus. We are actively looking for volunteers to fill those needs and would love for you to consider this position in our church. Fill out an application and tell us a little bit about you and let us pray with you and see if you would be a good fit! An application is just an invitation to get to know you, no strings attached! We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information or questions about the Preschool at Summit, email or call Kristen Walker our Preschool Pastor! or 903-769-5052

Volunteer Application

Areas of Service

Nursery Volunteers

Each Sunday there is a need for a minimum of 2 volunteers in the nursery both in the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services.

Toddler/Preschool Volunteers

Each Sunday there is a need for a minimum of 2 volunteers in the toddler room and 2 volunteers in both of the preschool rooms (a total of 4).

Preschool Worship Leader

We are actively looking for a Preschool Worship leader or group of leaders. That will either be over both services every Sunday for a season or once a year or be on a rotation schedule with other worship leaders serving 1 to 2 times a month.

Sanitation/Organization Team

An individual or group of individuals willing to come in once a week or twice a month to santitize and organize the nursery and preschool rooms. This can also be done seasonly.

Craft Team

A team to help with weekly craft needs for the preschoolers.

Special Needs Buddy

Someone dedicated to being on call or in service when we have special needs friends.

Preschool Coordinator

This person takes over the Preschool Pastors duties while she is out of town.

KVL Small Group Leaders

During KVL we have a need for 4 small group leaders to committ to working the full week of KVL and handling a group of 6-10 preschoolers.

KVL Small Group Helpers

During KVL we need small group helpers to aid our small group leaders for the week. We usually need 4 to 6 helpers depending on the size of the groups.

KVL Special Needs Buddy

During KVL we have a group of special needs buddies committed to partnering with once child and staying with them throughout the week and taking care of their specific needs.

Upcoming Events

Events coming soon!


For more information or questions about Children at Summit, email or call Kristen Walker our Preschool Pastor! 903-769-5052

Email Kristen

Kristen Children's Pastor

Meet the Preschool Pastor

Kristen Walker

Kristen and her husband Brandon are East Texas natives who have been married for 7 years with two boys, Michael and Kory. After visiting Summit Heights with their sister a few times, they soon decided to call it home and quickly dove into various ministries within the church. Kristen has volunteered with the preschool area for a little over 3 years and has gone on mission trips to Jamaica and most recently Honduras with several teams. She’s co-led a bible study in Big Sandy and is a member of Celebrate recovery and recently became the new Preschool Pastor in our children’s ministry.

Kristen has 3 degrees and most recently received her Master’s in Business from Grand Canyon University. She loves homeschooling her children and just spending time with friends and family, as well as cooking and baking and anything related to being outdoors.