Women’s “EMPOWHER” Event – Becoming…Writing Your Legacy

Women’s “EMPOWHER” Event – Becoming…Writing Your Legacy
January 9, 2020 Kristen Walker
February 1, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Summit Heights Fellowship
2340 FM2869
Hawkins, TX 75765
JoAnn Clark

Becoming….and Writing Your Legacy

A legacy can be property, money, a birthright or gifts given to someone and presented by a lawyer or designated administrator of your Will and Testament.

Today it can mean the above but more often it is an informal inheritance of facts, information or other things of both positive or negative value handed down by you or by others about you to a younger generation. It can be the personal perception of things that are remembered about you, what you liked to talk about or things you have accomplished. Your legacy could be the results of your personality, life traits, your temperament, values, or even what you stood for in your life 0 again, either positive or negative.

Whether your legacy is of property, a verbal remembrance or one that written, YOU ar the person from which your legacy originates. Have you ever thought about: What you want to be known for? Or, how you want to be remembered?

We will be discussing these legacy themes, possible changes to make in your own legacy, and what is most important to pass on to your family, the world and why? Ideas will be given as to how to simply write your legacy.


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