Core Values

Summit Heights Exists to Connect People to God and Others... Relationship.

Biblically Faithful

We make scripture the final authority rather than church tradition. We seek to be innovative and flexible as long as we do not violate scripture.

Culturally Relevant

We try to adapt our ministry to current needs and trends in American life, without compromising biblical absolutes. We attempt to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to American Society in ways it can understand.

Seeker Sensitive

We know that many who are not yet committed to Christ are attracted to our ministry; therefore, we desire to create a non-threatening environment in which they are free to explore the Christian faith at their own pace.

Growth Responsive

We appreciate the advantages of a small, intimate congregation, but also feel we should respond to the numerical growth that often results from reaching out to those who are exploring Christianity. We do not set a particular limit on the size of our congregation, but trust God to show the Church Leadership what our facilities should be and how best to utilize them.

Grace Oriented

We emphasize God’s unconditional acceptance and full forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We attempt to motivate people through love and thankfulness rather than guilt, shame, and duty.

Relationally Centered

We stress healthy relationships among Christians. We emphasize small groups as a primary means for Christians to care for each other, develop friendships, and share their lives.

People Developing

We seek to help people grow spiritually. We provide biblical instruction, and we encourage believers to discover and exercise their spiritual gifts.

Family Affirming

We seek to provide and atmosphere that strengthens marriages and families. We are committed to strong youth and children’s programs

Cross Culturally Effective

We reach beyond our own culture as we seek to have an effective impact on the cultures with the gospel.

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